About Us

At A1 Code Academy, our mission isn't just to help your child learn how to code, but to give your child those skills essential for their careers and lives in their future. 💪

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“Parents see programming, computing skills as essential for future in a Smart Nation.”


“Forget traditional enrichment classes to learn ballet or play the piano. More children are being sent for computational thinking and coding lessons as parents increasingly see the value in starting them early in a manpower-hungry industry.”

Why Code?

Programming lessons train children in logic and clear thinking, skills that clearly set them apart in life and even in other academic subjects such as Mathematics and Science.

💡 It's highly a valuable skill that is slowly but surely being appreciated more and more every day, as it helps in everyday life and any industry that deals with computers.

Learning to code isn’t just about the ability to program a computer.

Coding teaches important skills needed to succeed academically, and builds crucial soft skills like perseverance and organization.

It establishes valuable 21st century skills that can translate into a highly rewarding career. 🛠️

Why A1 Code Academy?


A1 Code Academy is built on the belief that every child has a path to success that is uniquely theirs, and it rests upon us to bring out the best in them.

All our teachers and our team are focused on imparting excellent coding skills, without compromising the holistic and "whole" development of your child.

We strive to be your child's partners of success, from child to career. 💪

Tools We Use to Enhance Student Learning

G Suite for Education

G Suite for Education is a suite of tools that can help you increase opportunities for critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity, all while supporting the learning objectives that you have for your students.

Parents, students and teachers at A1 Code Academy can access our Digital Classroom portal to collaborate and enhance digital learning experiences.

Why G Suite for Education?

Google Classroom is one of the best tools for classroom management, student assessment, grading and teacher-student communication.

Google Classroom helps all participants of the learning process to achieve better results. Whether you’re a 1:1 class or you just rock the computer carts from time to time, Google Classroom can elevate your classroom’s productivity and take workflow management to the next level.

At A1 Code Academy, our mission isn’t just to help you learn to code, but to give you those skills for life.

While leadership skills can come naturally, children learn lessons along the way, from academic studies to experiences that lie beyond the borders of the school, that significantly impacts them later in life.

The right training at the right time can make all the difference in setting them apart and onto a path of success. 💪

Every workshop and program we run at A1 Code Academy is designed to groom both soft and hard skills.