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For Parents: About A1 Code Academy - Deck

Who is A1 Code Academy?

A1 Code Academy started as a humble tuition coordination agency ran by two partners in crime:

🕵🏻‍♂️ An witty and energetic entrepreneur with a keen business sense, and;

🕵🏻‍♀️ A creative techie with a knack for creating and executing elegant digital solutions.

These two people, who eventually became partners, felt that more could be done for the education of the next generation of leaders in Singapore. Thus, they painted the beginnings of A1 Code Academy together.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our Course Focuses On Instilling in Every Student:

Digital Literacy

Our wish is to impart in every child the digital skills and literacy to embrace the role of being the leaders of our Smart Nation.

Diligence & Excellence

Our goal is to ensure that each child graduates from our programs with the right mindset, attitude, and aptitude of a leader.

Communication & Collaboration

By encouraging communication and collaboration, we’re setting our students on the path of becoming problem-solving, critical-thinkers and team players.

Holistic Education

We are huge fans of holistic education - a culmination of academic excellence and fruitful life experiences.

Our Academy's differentiating factors:

The founders of A1 Code Academy saw a widening gap in the education that children are going through. 👨‍🏫 Knowing that MOE and NIE teachers in Singapore work tirelessly to ensure our kids in Singapore attain academic excellence, A1 Code Academy founders were compelled and motivated to help take the education one step further and bridge the gap between academic excellence and real-world applicability.

A Tech-Driven Future

The future of our children requires academic excellence while remaining adaptable, problem-solving and creative individuals. The bar has always been set incredibly high and we are determined to see our students achieve such excellence. 🌏Having the problem-solving, logical-thinking mindset, creativity, collaboration, communication, and resilience are essential now and in the future.

A1 Code Academy was born because the founders wanted the education that could provide children with a holistic experience, that equips children with the skills, attitude, and aptitude such that they could become digital leaders of their time. 🌟

Our Academy's Focus

Certified Industry Experts

Every instructor is Google Certified Educator.

We emphasize on having the right expertise, a solid track record, while having the ability to teach and guide students.

Real-world applicability

Our students learn design, entrepreneurship and coding skills on top of real-world skills needed in the digital workforce: basic IT security, digital collaboration skills, and so much more. Students are expected to apply their new-found knowledge on real-world challenges and embrace critical-thinking, problem-solving mindsets.

Digital Collaboration, Off-Campus

All students will retain access to their Google Classrooms (a digital collaborative classroom they can access from a laptop, computer, or smartphone) to continue exploring resources made available to them to further their own education. Our continuous effort and support for our graduates is our key differentiator.

😃 ready?

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