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Coding, Design, Entrepreneurship Classes Now Accepting students! 🌟

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Learn Design, Coding, and Entrepreneurship skills in the heart of Singapore!


Our Entrepreneurship Workshops are designed to mentor, support, and equip today’s children with the necessary success skills to set them on the path of becoming our future entrepreneurs. This course teaches kids what it takes to succeed in our global new age economy, equips them with the success skills they need, and sets them in the right direction for understanding entrepreneurship at a young age.

Digital Safety and Online Confidence for Parents and Kids (FREE Workshop) 💛

💛At A1 Code Academy, we believe in partnering with parents and preparing our kids to:

🤔 Think critically and evaluate websites, email, and other content online.

🙈 Protect themselves from online threats, including bullying and scams.

🕵️ Get smart about sharing: what, when, how, and with whom.

& more! Find upcoming Digital Safety Workshops:


At A1 Code Academy, we take pride in teaching kids what it takes to succeed in our global new age economy, equip them with the success skills they need, and set them in the right direction for understanding entrepreneurship at a young age.

Programs catered for ages 6 and beyond

Our programs are designed to instil leadership and deep knowledge of the skills learnt, through thoughtfully designed and rigorous curriculums, without compromising on the fun and joy of learning!

Coding Programs ➝

(NEW!) Entrepreneurship Programs ➝

(NEW!) Design Programs ➝

Programs Overview

Entrepreneurship Classes

A1 Code Academy’s Entrepreneurship course is designed to mentor, support, and equip today’s children with the necessary success skills to set them on the path of becoming our future entrepreneurs.

This is an interactive curriculum training program that not only teaches kids about entrepreneurship, but sets children up to become successful entrepreneurs in their lifetimes!

Design Courses

Having the ability to put together a beautiful website and design persuasive marketing materials is going to become an essential skill for every child! In this course, you will learn how to create amazing, beautiful, professional graphic designs and launch a mobile-responsive online website or online store.

Coding Classes

Coding programs at A1 Code Academy are designed for all levels of understanding, offered to Primary 1 to Secondary 5 Students.

All our camps and courses have a clear learning outcome and a final project that students complete by the end of the program.

Students will be introduced programming concepts and build interactive games and web applications. All students will be able to showcase their portfolio of work to advance their career progress in the future.



Watch for the first time your child unleash his / her full creative potential. Let’s groom the next tech star of the future!



Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create engaging and interactive websites and applications.



Dive deeper into HTML, CSS and Javascript to build real-world projects using tools recognised by the tech industry globally.

Learning Outcomes

Each and every program at A1 Code Academy has a clear learning outcome and a final project(s) that students complete by the end of the program.

We believe anyone can learn to code, design, and innovate, no matter your background or experience level.

Our teachers will walk you through each step of your learning – from understanding fundamental concepts through tutorials, quizzes, code challenges, to building your professional portfolio.



“My girls, ages 7 and 9, really enjoyed their first class with tutors at A1 Code Academy. They liked her very much and told me they enjoyed the class. They get so excited to make programs that they have the ability to control! Highly recommended!”


“My boy is shy so he took a private code class with tutors at A1 Code Academy, now he is creating all these games even his cousins find fun to play with! I’m glad he has such progress!”


“Tutors at A1 Code Academy were quick with helping us sort out the issue with laptop purchases and setting up of it so James can work on his projects from home. Thanks!”


“We sent our kids to A1 Code Academy because we knew they will need to learn in schools soon, and now they can already make their own games and software, we are so proud of them!”

Parent / Student?

A1 Code Academy leverages on G Suite for Education for our Digital Classroom and Parent-Student Portal. Google Classroom is one of the best tools for classroom management, student assessment, grading and teacher-student communication.

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Note-Worthy News

More aptitude-based varsity admissions to shift emphasis away from academic grades

Straits Times - Jan 2020

"To enable more porosity across pathways, our admissions system needs to rely less on academic grades, and more on other meritorious yardsticks, so that the full range of an individual's aptitude and attributes can be taken into account," Education Minister Ong Ye Kung said.

MOE to ramp up workplace learning for students; work-study path for 12% of each student cohort by 2030

Straits Times - Dec 2019

Mr Ong, who is part of the delegation for President Halimah Yacob's state visit to Germany, said a reversion to basics across industries can be seen today, owing to widespread technological disruption.

Singapore President, Halimah Yacob, has said that Singapore can learn much from the German education system, which places great emphasis on skills and craftsmanship.

Straits Times - Dec 2019

"The German education system is very effective in helping young people to integrate into the industry... We also want to create different pathways and careers for our people so a dual education system is very important for us as we progress."

Education critical for Singaporeans to thrive in digital age: Vivian Balakrishnan

Straits Times - Jan 2020

Education is critical in helping young Singaporeans thrive in a turbulent world of technological revolution, said Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan yesterday.

"We don't ever want to be in a position where our young people are afraid of technology, afraid of the future, afraid of competition," he said at the Singapore Management University.